The French Revolution ‘Conspiracy Theories’

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Throughout the 1790s ‘conspiracy theories’ probing what forces were responsible for the French Revolution abounded in England, continental Europe, and the US. They were put forth by intelligent and reputable authors. What did these theories and historical insights have to say? Why were they so strongly suppressed by the mass media of the era? Why are they still important (perhaps more than ever) today?


2 Thoughts to “The French Revolution ‘Conspiracy Theories’”

  1. Idling Intellect

    Whenever “conspiracy theory” I hear
    I know that a brain has just gone out of gear.
    The common phenomenon again I behold
    Of a person determined to believe what he’s told
    By the press and political powers-that-be
    Who have long had no credibility.
    It’s a sad thing to witness the widespread condition
    Of critical faculties out of commission.
    And a once-proud people cowed into submission.

    1. Melissa

      I guess my question is how do we ever escape the stranglehold they have over us? What will it take for people to rise up against ‘them’?

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